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Veterinary chiropractic

Animals and chiropractic always win. Chiropractic can easly fight chronic neuromuscular and neurological pain.

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House calls

Dr. Ilaria Arena can check your animal at your house. It is reccomended to get it checked once a year if it is young, or twice if it is old.

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Emergency calls

Every animal owner panics for an emergency situation. Dr. Arena will help you to find the problem and decide a good treatment.

Latest News

Veterinary Herbal Medicine

Veterinary Herbal Medicine

Consumers of both human and veterinary medicine have shown the desire for a variety of medical approaches. This is why medicine is turning to an integrated approach where different therapeutic tools are used. Most of them have an ancient tradition...

Horses’ health, hoof and management

Horses’ health, hoof and management

The majority of horse’s health issues comes from a wrong management that is strongly related to a poor client’s education and awareness. Even sometimes, the professionals that work in the horses’ field (veterinarians included) have been raised with...

Me, Dr Holl and Animal Chiropractic

Me, Dr Holl and Animal Chiropractic

It has been only about a couple of weeks since Dr Holl left and I am already planning new workshops on animal Chiropractic in the next months! Last September was our first time, presenting a new discipline and treatment for an Italian audience and we...