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Animals benefit from chiropractic therapy and have always excellent results.

Chiropractic can easly fight neuromuscular and nurological pain and help sport animals preventing traumas. This is possible thanks to the stimulation of muscles spindle cells in the joints.

These receptors send inputs to the brain, telling  it the body position and movement in the space without sight help.

This special function is called proprioception and it is fundamental to keep the body balance and move the joints efficiently.

When the joints lose their normal motion or the articular segments are in a wrong position, the muscles spindle cells are poorly activated and they send less and less inputs.

This process results in a minor activation of the brain sensitive cortex.

The articular structures and periarticular tissues change as inflammation and degenerative processes occur and lead to chronic pain.

Pain can start and last because pathologic pain patterns develop and stimulate the pain nerve fibers.



Animal Chiropractic


It’s a manipulative technique useful in lots of health and performance issues.

The spine is a complicated  structure composed by bones, legaments, muscles and  nerves. It supports the body and protects the spinal cord that allows the communication of the brain with the extremities.

The chiropractor studies the abnormalities of the spine movement and of the joints motion in general and how these ones interfers with the good functioning of the nervous system.

When a joint is stuck in a position or it cannot move in a specific direction ( which means it is subluxated) the chiropractor adjust it and it can go back to normal movement and postition.

Dr. Ilaria Arena is accredited by the IVCA (International Veterinary Chiropractic Association).

Animal chiropractic requires a specific post-graduate education and a perfect knowledge of veterinary anatomy. Everytime you need your animal to get adjusted, ask a qualified professional.