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General medicine for small animals, rabbits and horses

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General Medicine and Internal Medicine for Small Animals, Rabbits and Horses


Dr. Ilaria Arena does house and farm calls in Bologna and Ferrara areas. Is always reccomended to get your animal checked up on a regular basis, once a year for young animals, and twice for elderly animals.

ServiziA complete check up is useful to keep them in health, check your puppy’s growth and chose an appropriate diet. If you have an adult pet you can prevent many disease and emproving the quality of life by an early diagnosis. In addiction there are several breed predispositions to some diseases you can learn and keep an eye on.

Rabbits health is based on simple but important management rules. Good nutrition and environment are the key for your bunny’s healthy and long life as it is really sensitive to diet mistakes and stress.

The horse is a herbivore and herd animal.

Respecting its nutrition and behavioral needs will help you to keep it healthy and have good performances, no matter the sport it practices.

Arena Veterinaria is deeply concerned about anesthesia and pain therapy.

As in human medicine, nowadays every vet should take care of the best protocol for the patient, with the lowest risks.

Sometimes it is helpful to add natural therapies and treatments to your animal care plan.

There are different solutions that Arena Veterinaria can suggest you and they have no side effects and can be always used.

Ask Dr. Arena about Phytotherapy, Homotoxicology and Chinese Medicine.